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Do-Si-Dos strain


Do-Si-Dos, named after one of North America’s most beloved cookies, is a strain that has been taking over the cannabis industry by storm. Originally created by breeding together the sweet and euphoric Girl Scout Cookies with the hard-hitting Faceoff OG, Do-Si-Dos is now easily recognized as a luxury craft-cannabis strain that is known for its potency and delicious terpene profile.


Do-Si-Dos is an indica strain with qualities that are very similar to the notorious hybrid strain Girl Scout Cookies. Since its inception, this strain has been taking over Los Angeles and the West Coast by storm, popping up in any and almost every reputable dispensary. Do-Si-Dos was created by cross-breeding the extremely hard-hitting Faceoff OG and everybody’s favorite sweet treat of a strain, Girl Scout Cookies! The cross of these two strains blends together familiar OG kush-like aromas along with the sweet, earthy vanilla tones of GSC. This heavy-hitting, sedating indica strain is known for its medical-grade therapeutic effects. With THC concentrations soaring as high as 30%, Do-Si-Dos is recommended for evening usage, as it’s debilitating, calming body high and relaxing qualities may lull you to sleep or derail any plans you might have for the day. The potency and soothing effects of this strain make it an excellent choice for those looking to ease chronic pain, stress, and even sleep-related disorders.  The scent of Do-Si-Dos is rather unique, taking a bit from both of its parents – a slight, cookie dough or vanilla-like sweetness from GSC blends in with the alluring earthy and woody notes of Faceoff OG


Do-Si-Dos strain

Do-Si-Dos is the novelty that is altering the CBD flower bud market. It represents one of the most popular genetics in Spain and California, where in Colorado it has practically become an institution. Do-Si-Dos strain has qualities very similar to those of their parents: the OGKB, also known with the name of OG Kush Breath. In fact, the Do-Si-Dos is a predominantly Indica hybrid and a descendant of Girl Scout Cookies, it has a very unique and particular flavor. This specific marijuana plant is the result of intense studies and different crosses that have given birth to quality with peaks of CBD that go beyond 22.5%.

Do-Si-Dos Strain, the characteristics of this marijuana weed

The first thing you notice about Do-Si-Dos is certainly its very lively color. The pistils of the leaf are really luminous, the same also for sparkling trichomes. The marijuana plant is presented in light green, with some notes of lavender. But the Do-Si-Dos strain is not only beautiful to look at, rather it is the taste that makes it so appealing to lovers of the CBD flowers universe. The aroma is sweet, but at the same, it gives a slight, almost pungent real fragrance. Taste and aftertaste that form an ideal mix for a relaxing break. Genetics with a refreshing taste and a touch of acidity, typical of citrus fruits.

Do-Si-Dos, the hydroponic cultivation of CBD flower

The production of the Do-Si-Dos strain available on the JustBob marijuana shop catalog represents the results of years of work and development that took place in Europe. The best technologies and the most advanced methodologies are exploited to obtain a product of absolute quality. Hydroponic cultivation allows the marijuana plant to develop to its full potential, without using metals or fertilizers. Every quality of our offer is, in fact, to be considered NO GMO. The indoor cultivation of Do-Si-Dos strain, which takes place in specific environments along with the flowering cycle and the management of nutrition through water are aspects that make all the difference in the world.

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